Do Soul Mates and Twin Flames Really Exist?

In Western culture, the idea of a soul mate, or one perfect person who completes us, is the romantic life force of our favorite films and stories. And with good reason. The idea that we are on a path alone may be adventurous and exciting for part of the ride, but most of us ultimately want a partner in crime by our side. Indeed, most things are better shared, and love is no exception.

When we refer to a soul mate, or twin-flame, what we are speaking of is karmic connection. A person, or even a pet perhaps, that we have a profound history with. The root of these deep connections find their origin in past associations. In other words, there is likely a past life or multiple lifetimes where this bond was forged. When we come across these kindred souls in our present life, there is an immediate spark or recognition. They just seem to show up. And soul mates are not exclusive to romantic partners, or opposite sex configurations. We simply recognize them when they cross our path.

Significant people enter our lives at precise moments. They may take the form of a lover, coworker, close friend, or stranger we meet through serendipitous circumstances. They enhance our life in some profound way, bringing a myriad of messages and teachings through their presence. However, as most of us can attest, heartbreak and emotional devastation is a powerful part of the dance, too. Based on this, it is prudent to remember that these karmic companions come carrying spirit-improving or spirit-destroying potential. Therefore, who we choose to spend our time with is important, and we must never lose ourselves or sacrifice our grounding for a relationship.

For those seekers following a divine path, a spiritual connection is paramount for a relationship to work. Many clients I work with remark that once they begin their awakening or transformative process, the relationships in their life change. Not always for the good. A common story is when one person begins this whole new journey, and their lover doesn’t understand it, or feels threatened by it. We can outgrow one another, too, or simply grow in different directions.

An important question to sit with in both love and friendship is,

“Will this alliance make me better? Will it contribute, or take away, from the path I’m on?”

Remember that there is not just one twin-flame or person who enhances our life. There are many, and although destiny will steer them toward us, our fate will be determined by our free will and the nobility of our actions. The karmic pact that brings two people together may be to fulfill some important career mission together, or to bring children into the world. The union is based on mutual exchange and growth, with the mysterious nature of the reason being part of the divine story.



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